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consolidate please expalin what this export function does

herman Mar 07, 2015 01:47PM AEDT

Consolidate - what does this export function do? Does it assemble all project assets in one place? Does 'consolidate" copy/move the images from their storage folder(s)?

Could someone please explain what the consolidate export option in CL3 does and if it relocates files out of my source file folders on harddisk?

Thanks to anyone who is able to provide some clarification.


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Mark | plasq support Mar 20, 2015 01:53AM AEDT

Hello there Herman,

The “File > Consolidate Comic…” only has an affect when you have the “Keep images external to the document” option selected in the “Comic Life > Preferences…” settings. When you have “Keep images external to the document” selected, it means that the images are not copied into the .comiclife document (having them copied into the document is the default behavior). So when you have this option turned on, it means you will have smaller .comiclife files but you can’t move the .comiclife file to another computer as the .comiclife document will have no images to display.

When you Consolidate the comic it will import (copy) any external images into the comic document. But they will only be copied. The original files will remain in the original location. While this will increase the size of the comic file it does let you move the comic to another computer.

Hope this provided clarification.

Best wishes,
Mark | plasq

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