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Caption box tricks

Michael Rhodes Apr 27, 2015 11:14PM AEST

How many times have you wanted to have a non-square or irregular oval shape for your caption boxes? I did and the magic's hidden away in the contextual menu. Let's say I have a character/photo that's a circle and I want one side of the caption box to be curved around the shape of that pix.

First create caption box. Then enter in your text. Make the caption box the right size (height and width) and place one corner of the box (top or bottom) so it's on the edge of the picture. It helps if you have an thickish outline on the picture. This is important as we'll see in a moment.

Now select the caption box and right-click. In the menu there's an entry "Make shape editable." Select that and we'll see the red dots on the corners of the box. Those are control points and we can edit them, move them and so one. But -- hold down the alt/option key and hover over the lines of the rectangle. The cursor changes into a pen icon with a "+" on it's lower right. This means we can add points to the shape.

On the side that we want to curve inward, alt/option click on the line. Viola! A new point has been created. Now double click on that point and see it become a curve (the default is a corner point). Now use the cursor keys to move the point in or out to better fit the curve. The top and bottom corner points can be moved via the cursor keys to better fit with the shape we're 'echoing'. Why use cursor keys? This is so we can precisely control where the points go. Especially with the top/bottom corner points, using the left or right cursor keys, makes the points stay level with it's opposite side.

Now look at the caption box. The words should've flowed to fit the new shape. If not, click off the caption box and that should force a re-flow of text.

Pretty awesome, imho. And more proof that ComicLife 3 is a great app to letter comics!

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Mark | plasq support Apr 28, 2015 12:49AM AEST plasq Support plasqer

Fantastic, Michael. Thanks very much for taking the time to pass on those tips! :)

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