How do I flip a balloon so the pointy bit faces the other way?

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2014 03:09AM AEST
Pointy bit? As in tail? You don't :)

To position a balloon tail:
  1. Click on the balloon whose tails you want to adjust. Blue and red handles will appear on the tails.
  2. To adjust the endpoint on the tail click on the blue handle and drag it to the new position. The balloon tail grows or shrinks to maintain the connection with the bubble.
  3. To adjust the curvature of the balloon tail click on the red handle and drag it to a new position. The tail curves around the red handle.
  4. To adjust the kink in the curvature click and drag the associated curve control handles beside the red handle. These control the shape of the curve passing through the red handle.

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